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Comprehensive Electrical Rewires & Part Wires

Electrical rewiring involves the replacement of old, dangerous or non-compliant electrical equipment, cables, fittings and fuseboxes.
This work can vary from a full rewire replacing all cables, fittings, distribution equipment etc, to a part rewire which may be the replacement or upgrade of a section of the installation to meet the current regulations.

Does my property need a rewire?                    

Some indication that a property may require a rewire are given below.  Any one of these on its own does not mean your wiring is unsafe however it does indicate that an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) would be advisable to determine the condition of the installation.
Does the fusebox have replaceable fuse wire
Do the plugs or sockets become hot or have scorch marks
Do fuses blow regularly
Do any of you sockets, switches or light fittings have wooden back plates
Do you have lights that use old, twisted type flex
Has your wiring been modified in an extensive and unprofessional manner
Do you have round pin plugs and sockets
Are your cables missing an earth wire
Is fabric or rubber covered wiring present in the property
Prior to undertaking a rewire, work is carefully planned in an orderly manner. Every effort is made to minimise disruption to the homeowner, dust sheets and vacuum cleaning equipment are used throughout.

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