Consumer Unit Replacements

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Consumer Unit Replacements

Fuseboard upgrades are required for various reasons, they may be the following:

The existing Fusebox is fully loaded and more outgoing ways are required
New consumer units offer easier resetting of devices in the event of a fault. Fuse wire is no longer needed
New consumer units offer greater protection with the inclusion of RCDs, surge suppression and Arc Fault Detection.
Old fuseboxes with a wooden back no longer comply with current regulations
A selection of fuseboxes have been added to in a random fashion over the years

Consumer unit changes usually take a day to complete, and include:

A brand new consumer unit from a top quality manufacturer.
Correctly labeled with each circuit description.
A complete test of the existing electrical system
Upgrades to the earthing and bonding arrangements to meet current regulations.
An Electrical Installation Certificate covering the work done including a technical schedule of all the circuits.
Part P building control notification is provided upon completion.

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