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Periodic Inspection Reports (EICR)

An Electrical installation Condition Report (EICR) is an inspection and test on an electrical installation to BS7671. BS 7671 is the British Standard for electrical installations in the UK.

Testing and inspection is conducted in compliance with a standard format. This includes an in depth test an inspection of an electrical installation that includes physical examination of cables, fixtures, how the installation has been installed and full meter testing of all cabling and accessories.

An EICR is a complex and time consuming activity. On average a 3 bedroom houses may take half a day, bigger houses take longer. Commercial tests take longer still. Test time will depend on the amount of circuits to be tested and the size and complexity of the site.

Landlord Certificates / Homebuyer Reports

Landlord Safety Certificates and Homebuyer reports refer to an EICR.

Renting a property in England requires an EICR to be completed and a Satisfactory outcome obtained.

If you are considering buying a property then an EICR will give you peace of mind or can be used as a bargaining tool to reduce the purchase price.

The inspection report can last between 1-5 years depending on many factors. The main factors being the type of property, average damage recorded, age of wiring, and the recommendations set out by the IET.

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